Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Italian Inspiration

There has been a lot happening in my life lately and I have ended up juggling lots of different design projects as a result. I have been working on a wonderful new fashion brand for a client as well as assisting the new fashion platform GraphicModa test their website - all exciting stuff!

Less than 2 months ago I visited Verona, Venice, Lake Garda and Mantova in Italy and I have created a couple of patterns taken from some inspiring architecture that I saw on my travels.

I also met the wonderful Paul Vogel in 2016 who gave me some really good advice for some of my future work...simplifying my designs using a blue/navy background. I took this on board soon after our meeting at his studio in Suffolk, but I decided to work on this and build up a collection that reflects simplicity before starting to promote it. Visiting Italy gave me the opportunity to gain inspiration and combine it with Paul Vogel's advice.

Here are some examples from the collection...

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