Saturday, 5 May 2018

Design Update

So, where have I been for the last 6 months...

Well, I moved house and have been working hard around the new home -  both inside and out (weather permitting). I also had to move my design studio once more which to me is important to gain that great working environment.

I often feel that the working environment has to be totally right in order to achieve the best design results...right down to the colour of the walls.

I am definitely now an expert at decorating as I have completed 3 properties now and I have my favourite brands of paint that I prefer to use for different usages. In the beginning I made mistakes...using certain paints that I later regretted. Paints that over time changed colour to my disappointment! When I paint a door white I want it to stay pure white for many, many years...not go a slight yellow over time.

These days I have learnt over the years what paints are best and I do not hesitate to get involved in the next DIY project! I love seeing improvements made.

I never used to consider using wallpaper in my property...but now I can see how a feature wall can really enhance the look and feel of a room. I can design my own wallpaper, but I actually like to use other designers creations for my own living space.

As well as currently working on my most recent property in which I live, I often have to return to my rental property to maintain that too...when it becomes vacant. I know all the colour and brands of paint used on all of the walls, so it is very easy for me to go in and touch up paintwork that might need some TLC!

I love both my properties and they are real assets to me. I have enjoyed all of the DIY projects I have carried out over the years and I am now thinking of building a pond where I live! I love the sound of running water and find watching fish swim about very therapeutic and relaxing.

Those of you that follow my blog and visit my website - will be glad to know that I am going to be returning to my designing very shortly - I have already seen the inspiration for my next few pieces of work and cannot wait to share the future work with you.

Thanks again for following me and don't hesitate to get in touch!   

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