Monday, 21 June 2021


100cm x 120cm
Aluminium Stretcher with Linen

Supplied with a Certificate of Authenticity
Signed and Dated

Inspired by the satellite perspective of looking down onto earth, focused on the Caribbean islands.

Monday, 22 March 2021

Wednesday, 10 March 2021

Richard Baker Contemporary Art

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I have begun to transfer my love of colour and texture by developing a range of canvas art for all types of interiors. 

I am introducing 'Celestial I & II' - 2 unique pieces 70 x 130cm each that work as individual pieces or as a pair. You can have either piece to the left or right of each other - whatever works best for you!

These are very special pieces as they are a pair of high quality wooden panel boards rather than just linen stretched over a stretcher frame. 

There is obviously a lot more weight to these two pieces compared to the weight of just using high end stretcher bars with quality linen or cotton canvas wrapped around.

I have used acrylics, texture paste, silver leaf, metallic silver and rose gold spray. 

I have completed the pieces with some Matt Varnish for some added extra protection.

The sides and the back of each canvas board are painted in matching light grey with a matching grey finishing tape. Fixings are also attached. 

I will be issuing signed Certificates of Authentication and an Insurance valuation for each piece on purchase. I will obviously sign and date each artwork too.

These pieces are inspired by astronomy and my love for exotic seascapes - because my new collection of work is abstract based, you can interpret it how you wish. 

My aim is to adorn your interior space with exceptional, unique, one-off original artwork!

If you would like to enquire / purchase, you can contact me at:

Thursday, 13 August 2020

Updated Portfolio


Updated Portfolio

I have taken the opportunity to update my digital portfolio which includes a lot of the best work from the last chapter of my life. It signifies moving onto the new collections and really pushing my work further. Here are just a few pages taken from my portfolio and as always I appreciate any comments you may have. 

If I can be any assistance to you on any collaborative projects or you would just like me to send you my portfolio as a PDF please get in touch.

Monday, 7 October 2019

Adobe Textile Designer Extension

Adobe Photoshop Textile Designer Extension (Beta)

I am really enjoying experimenting with the Beat version of the Adobe Photoshop Textile Designer extension - probably best to watch some videos first so you can dive straight in with experimentations:

I really prefer Illustrator to design my creations, but if I want to design a series of patterns quickly, still being able to keep my colours and layers separated and more...then I will use this Photoshop extension in the future. 

A mentioned above I still prefer to use Illustrator for my best work - maybe Adobe could create exactly the same extension for Illustrator - I know there is the Pattern Maker already, but using exactly the same interface would then be so seamless when going from one title to another.